Case Managerís Corner

Higher Ed Express is committed to supporting the One-Stop Center system in serving its dislocated, unemployed and career-transitioning customers. We invite case managers of the One-Stop Center system to call our colleges to discuss the following:

  • Training start datesFill out an IEP Form
  • College-Specific referral processes
  • Group discounts
  • Customized training / employer driven strategiesFill out an IEP Addendum
  • Internship options (where applicable)
  • Leveraging external, non WIA resources
  • Complimentary job placement assistance strategiesRefer a Client to Training

We encourage case managers to give suggestions about this site in order to facilitate the delivery of short-term training to WIA customers. By working together, the workforce development and educational systems can assist many people in becoming competitive in todayís job market.

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